Roof Air Ventilators


Ambica Industries offers excellent quality wind ventilators in India for effective ventilation management in industries. We have implanted as per the regulatory acts of the building’s architecture, to ensure the turbines work efficiently at any wind pressure rate. Wind ventilators utilize the natural circulation of air by pushing out the humid air, replacing it with a fresh breeze.

From small spaces to large workplaces, we manufacture abrasion-resistant wind ventilators in India for all types of industrial, residential structures. The movement utilizes centrifugal action in the spinning vanes and consumes no energy as the wind's force entirely operates them.

With a vast application in a wide range of industries, households for exhausting humidity, fumes, heat, smoke, ROOF AIR VENTILATORS are the perfect and the most sustainable solution. They require no electricity and have thus developed a huge demand in the affordable, eco-friendly roof air ventilator market.

We manufacture noiseless ventilators that smoothly remove the hot air outside. Our roof ROOF AIR VENTILATORS can be installed with a minimal amount of interference to the roof structure. With minimum friction, high RPM, they lead to a continuous extraction of stale, humid air and are practically maintenance-free, offering a long lifespan.